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Solved conceptual questions on Measurement of First Year Physics

Q 1

Define the number π and show that 2π radians = 360°

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Q 2

Define the terms error, uncertainty, precision and accuracy in measurement.

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Q 3

Explain several repetitive phenomena occurring naturally which could serve reasonable time standard.

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Q 4

Why do we find it useful to have two units for the amount of substance, kilogram and mole?

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Q 5

Show that the famous Einstein equation E = mc2 is dimensionally consistent?

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Q 6

Deduce the dimensions of gravitational constant.

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Q 7

Find the dimensions of Kinetic Energy?

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Q 8

Give the drawbacks to use the period of a pendulum as time standard.

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Q 9

Are radian and steradian the base units? Justify your answer.

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Q 10

What does the word ‘micro’ signify in the words ‘microwave oven’?

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Q 11

Density of air is 1.2 kgm-3. Change it in gm cm3

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Q 12

An old saying is that ‘A chain is only as strong as its weakest link’. What analogous statement can you make regarding measurement.

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Q 13

Differentiate between the following.

  1. Light year
  2. Year

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